Belgian female fashion founder Lauren Bruls

BEHIND THE BRAND – Meet our founder, Lauren Bruls

female fashion entrepreneur
That’s me at our first photo shoot for FLAVIA!

Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m a belgian girl and the founder and creative director of FLAVIA.

Since I launched my brand, I wished to remain behind the scenes and really let FLAVIA shine by itself.

Then, I realized that as a consumer I love hearing the founders’ voices on their brands. It inspires me to learn about their journey, and I love seeing who the person behind the brand is.

FLAVIA should be no exception to that, and what better way to start using my voice as a founder than with this first blog article to finally introduce myself.

belgian female fashion founder working on a photo shoot
I managed the creative direction and coordination of a photo shoot for the first time – it was very stressful, but so much fun.

To give you some background, I am a 23-year-old woman. I studied business administration at university, and I’ve always wanted to launch a business. I just didn’t know what.

It is only after getting to know myself better that launching FLAVIA made sense to me. I know, you must be wondering: “okay Lauren, but how did you come to launch this cruelty-free handbag brand?”.

Here we were preparing the styling for the photo shoot, so we chose the outfits and handbag combinations with our stylist Andréa Veka from The styling office.

Well, here’s the answer:

I was a frustrated consumer. You see, I became aware of the environmental impact of fashion and the animal cruelty in the food industry. This made me take a serious turn in my consumption habits.

I quit fast fashion overnight and became a vegetarian (that one, not overnight).

behind the scenes of woman owned belgian handbag brand
This was on the day of the photo shoot, photographing the 3rd look of our campaign.

From there on, I realized something that really bothered me: I couldn’t find stylish handbag brands that were ethical and sustainable at the same time… And while I want to respect our planet and animals, I don’t want it to be at the cost of my personal sense of style either.

Burgundy handbag with fringes
This our first design: The extravagant – fringes in burgundy.

The fashion brands I found cool did nothing in terms of sustainable or ethical commitments. I also realized that the handbags I saw around me in Belgium seriously lacked originality.

I then simply told myself: “if I can’t find what I want, I’ll just create it”.

And that is exactly what I did.

This brand has been three years in the making, from branding to finding the right materials and suppliers.

All of this without any experience in the industry or contacts of course, otherwise it’s just not funny, right?

The learning curve has been tremendous, considering I started working on FLAVIA at nineteen years old as a young (and naïve) university student.

I am immensely proud of my brand as it embodies what I believe in.

It is the perfect mix of ethical commitments and fashion-forward designs. Our bags are made in a vegan leather composed of recycled nylon and ethically made in Italy.

black handbag with golden chain
This is our design The extravagant – classic in black.

With FLAVIA, I prove that you can finally buy a handbag that tackles today’s societal challenges without compromising on style, quality, or design.

It is basically the best of both worlds – and that’s what I love.